Addison, Texas – Economic Strategist unveils an exclusive opportunity for royalty owners in the oil and gas industry called the Oil and Gas Royalty Trust.

The goal of this unique wealth management tool is to provide protection of your royalty assets, privacy and anonymity in your business dealings. The Trust is designed to provide maximum protection of Trust assets.  The royalty income is effectively owned by the Trust instead of the individual, even though the individual Trustee completely controls the assets.

“It’s specifically designed for royalty owners to be able to have many pillars of protection,” says Bo Bowman, a Specialist with Economic Strategist. “You’ll have the privacy, the protection of the royalties, generally, from most future creditors and judgments… and it also comes with substantial tax benefits.” 

The Internal Revenue Code provides that taxes are deferred for the royalties placed into the corpus of this Trust.  When the income is properly designated, “the Trustee is allowed to control the income without the burden of ordinary income or capital gains taxation,” says Bowman.

 According to Bowman, this concept will increase the yield on dollars received by whatever the client’s current or future tax bracket is, whether it is 20, 25 or 30 percent.

This highly specialized financial instrument is an opportunity for people to receive the privacy and protection they deserve.  “So, if someone does a search to find the royalty on who the owner is, it goes to the Trust,” says Bowman. “They don’t know who the individual is, which is fantastic in this world.”

Economic Strategist is a full-service asset management and services organization. It teaches its clients how to properly operate a Trust on their own.  You can rely on Economic Strategist’s full team of professionals to provide all the support services you need for as long as you need them.

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