Economic Strategist recently showcased its exclusive platform, Private Access Society (PAS), at the Spring Power Conference in Addison, Texas. 

With three levels of membership, PAS is designed for individuals and organizations who are looking for an exceptional selection of services for themselves, their employees and their members. Exclusive membership to Private Access Society gives you access to a variety of benefits customized to enhance your ability to experience the best of fine living and increase your overall quality of life.

The Private Access Society membership grants you access to the Economic Strategist Spendthrift Trust, which provides unparalleled Privacy, Protection and Tax Deferment benefits. Also, a member will receive services from PAS Tax and Legal, two teams of tax and legal experts that cater to all personal and professional needs.

Another exclusive benefit of a PAS membership is the attention-grabbing PAS Black Metal Card, which allows you to transfer money between accounts with total flexibility. Along with the card, members will receive a personal assistant offering lifestyle management services tailored to their personal needs.

In addition, PAS members receive access to our exclusive travel provider, PAS Travel.  This online wholesale travel platform offers extraordinary savings (up to 70%), concierge service and member support. Finally, every member will receive preferred private access rates to PAS Yachts and PAS Jets, our global jet charter and private yacht service offering you an unmatched, on-demand experience.

Prices for the monthly service range from $300 to $900 depending on legal services and business entity numbers. 

For more information on the Private Access Society, visit the website or reach out to the PAS team at

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