Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We are the exclusive global leader in asset management, growth, and protection.

Our Mission

To create a global economic revolution by serving others through the provision of knowledge and tools that enhance wealth, privacy, and the protection of assets.

Financial Strategy

Moving from the wrong side of zero and into a positive financial future might feel impossible, but it’s not. Our strategies are tailored specifically to each of our clients, which can be easily implemented more than they thought possible with how we structure and protect assets via our unique menu of copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts. Our financial instruments are tools which will give you complete financial safety in all your professional and or personal financial areas which are the most vulnerable.



Financial affairs are maintained in total privacy, and paper trails are virtually eliminated. One of the most fundamental American rights is our right to financial privacy.

Asset Protection

The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is a “Titanium Vault” of protection for business, estate, and individuals. The Trust has proven to withstand court judgments, tax liens, law suits, divorce claims, bankruptcies, levies, and, seizures, It also eliminates the need for a Will and by bypasses state and federal probate. Trust Assets are also protected against creditors.

Tax Benefits

As an extraordinary tax deferment instrument , it allows taxes to be deferred until the Beneficiaries take the assets out of the trust (if, when , and ever). IRS law says, “There has to be a possibility for an end of the Trust for there to be a possibility of tax.” The Spendthrift Trust can be renewed every 21 years. The Trustee, at his or her sole discretion, determines what is income or extraordinary dividends to the Trust . The Trust is NOT subject to pay capital gains.

Spendthrift Trust Products

Spendthrift Trust Products

Now is the time to engage your Economic Strategist so you can determine which Trust is best to best protect your assets, income, and tax liabilities. Using specialized highly unique copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts is the solution for peace of mind.

1. Beneficial Trust
2. Business Trust 1
3. Complex Business 2 Trust
4. Business Advanced Trust
5. Charitable Trust
6. Real Estate Trust
7. Oil & Gas Trust
8. Retirement Trust

IRS Code 643B

IRS Code 643B

This is a summary of IRS Code; Rule 643. It says if a Trust has a Simple or Complex provision, is Discretionary, and no percent is designated to any one Beneficiary, that the Trustee may designate that income paid to the Trust corpus is in fact not actually income, but rather is an Extraordinary Dividend. It goes further to say that any property held in the corpus of a Trust is NOT subject to capital gains when sold.

Recognizing Illegal Tax Avoidance Schemes

There are a large number of illegal tax avoidance schemes. These schemes are typically promoted
with the promise of reducing or eliminating income and other types of taxes.


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